I want my Vivian more like Tomoko from Watamote. You know... not the sexy kind of cute but THAT kind of cute. You also took away all her mango features of the original sketch. My weeb-o-meter is at -10.


I hadn't heard about the ten-yo being threatened. Sauce?

I probably already posted it and sorry but i cant find it now

Meet the Female Gamer Mascot Born of Anti-Feminist Internet Drama | VICE United States



Things 4chan has done to support women in the gaming industry in the last month:
-Outed a dev manipulating games journalists for reviews and intentionally ruining a project for female devs..

-Been the majority contributor to The Fine Young Capitalist’s Women making Video Games For Charity” project.

Things Vice/Kotaku/Tumblr have done for to support women in the gaming industry in the last month:
-Literally nothing positive.

Who are the real anti-feminists?

Wow, Vice are fucking worthless. What a heap of propagandistic bullshit.

its pretty clear games journalists don’t actually play games because they would very easily be able to refute the cherry picked points in anita’s videos.

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